According to Germany laws the total grade in high school must be not less than 57%, so we recommend for the student :

-For engineering study the grade shouldn’t be less than 70%

-For medical study the grade shouldn’t be less than 97%

– Because the level of the study requires serious effort and insist on success

There are several conditions for the holders of these certificates if they achieve it they will not need Preparatory year, just Germany language

A total of 4 Cambridge International AS & A level 

1. Three Cambridge International A Levels.

2. One Cambridge International AS Level.

International Baccalaureate

Your Schooling must comprise 12 consecutive school years.
6 subjects are required
2 Languages (language A: Language and literature OR literature; Language B: HL)
1 subject – biology, chemistry or physics.
Mathematics (Math. methods SL, or math HL or further maths with math HL).
1 subject (history, Geography or economics).
1 subject of free choice.

3 subjects of HL (High level).
All subjects must be studied for 2 years.
Minimum of 24 points (min. grade 4.0)

GPA = 3.00 or above

The school must be accredited (Accreditation copy)

The student must be studied various subjects during 9,10,11&12 grades


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