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Our preparatory programmes

To enroll in prestigious European universities

  • AL 3 Subject Completion Program for IG Students with EDEXCEL Certificates
  • NCUK International Foundation Year Program for study in English
  • AMFP Medical Studies Foundation Year Program for European Universities
  • Foundation Year Program for Engineering Studies (TEP) for European Universities
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Study in Europe’s

public universities

Less than the costs of studying in private universities in your home country

Only preparatory year costs


Study medicine
in Germany in English

  • Appropriate university fees
  • Possibility to work while studying
  • The possibility of working after graduation in the European Union countries
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All you need to

know about Germany


Students’ experiences – parents’ experiences – student housing – activities

scholarships – advantages and disadvantages of studying in Germany

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Master’s study
in Europe in English

We provide the student with ways to succeed. . .
We provide parents with reassurance for their children. .
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Open your closed bank account in Germany


Get to know the recognized universities in Germany from all countries

Who Are We ?

Our Vision

A Consultative and Educational Service entity leading in supporting and empowering a generation of Students to lead the nation’s Scientific and Administrative Renaissance in the coming stage

Our Mission

Educational Advisory Service Educational entity working on:

  • Leading in supporting and empowering elite students and students Obtaining higher Levels of Academic, and
  • Professional Education
  • Provide Educational Support and Service for Students and Parents
  • Preparing Students for a nation Capable of Scientific Advancement while preserving the original values
  • Creative special workshops held to guide the Arab minds for innovation and building our nation

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